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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Start From Beginning


You must be kidding, no wayyyyy....

Yeah, its so sad, but its true. I am start from beginning after long time not active on blogging and since this blog/domain is like abandoned, so forgive me.

Yup, and this blog is moving too, we are now officially in Blogger.com.

I don't know what I have to say in my first post, but I am glad that I'll back on blogging again, like the old time, but forgive me if the topic on my blog has different than before, I just follow what I want to write, whats in my head, and what my hand wants to type in keyboard. Its been a long time since I began blogging, in the end of 2008 uuhh woww its a long time ago, just don't know how can I struggle for this years.

Many memories with friends as blogger, visit each other as bloggers, say hi, give comment and anything we can do.

Yeaaa, its just memories in my head, and I'm happy with that. I'm glad I have that memories.

But, I'm appologies too in my first post if i am not yet remake or redesign the template, I just using default template, because I am not yet thinking about the design, maybe later.

And for my other blog, Blog Ipanks, maybe later I will make new post.

Thats it for start, and I hope I can continue to posting on here, and my other blog.

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